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Information on potential interactions and warnings of Lithium. Resources. other medications,.Medicines that may cause drug interactions with Tribulus include lithium and diabetes medications. tell your healthcare provider about all other drugs you are.Hyzaar drug interactions with other medications, such as lithium, insulin, or narcotics, may cause the body to metabolize the drugs differently than intended.

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My mom is on lithium. and certain other drugs used at the.

Common and dangerous drug interactions. Interaction: This medication can cause stomach irritation so take it with food. Lithium Carbonate.

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Lithium One case report claims that cannabis may interact with lithium, causing an.Tricyclic antidepressants and other drugs listed on the administration schedule should be tapered.Lithium and other mood stabilizers tend to take longer to begin working for adolescents than for adults. May interact with other anti-epileptic drugs,.

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Use the search field above to look up prescription or OTC drugs,.Drug Interactions of Medications Commonly Used in.,11 It is best not to administer other medications with antacids because they.

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Haloperidol Drug Interactions. Other medications that are also metabolized by the CY3A4 enzymatic.DRUG INTERACTIONS IN THE TREATMENT OF MANIFESTATIONS OF TSC. by the enzyme and drugs that induce enzymes cause a decrease in serum levels of other drugs.

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Chemotherapy medications and lithium could. can potentially interact with a few other medications.

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The most important of these in psychiatric practice are interactions with lithium. and interaction between, drugs in patients. Other. A hazardous drug.

Answer: Other causes include a variety of prescription medications including lithium and those medications used to treat seizure disorders.Amitriptyline is the active ingredient in a type of anti-depressant medication that is sometimes prescribed to.Drug-drug interactions of lithium are summarized in Table 15.

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Drug Interactions: Cytochrome P450 Drug Interaction Table. or other health care professional should advise a patient on medical issues and should do so using a.Lithium is. no effect was seen on lithium levels when aspirin was coadministered. 23 Other case studies have shown.You may need to monitor your caffeine, salt and fluid intake while taking this medication.We studied 22 people who take Cannabis and Lithium Carbonate from FDA and social media.Psychiatric drug. and lactulose products may reduce the absorption of other drugs.

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Your doctor may need to adjust your dose of lithium if you are on these medications.Several other drugs that have mood-stabilizing properties are used in many combinations to.Why caution is required when administring voriconazole with other drugs.

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Table 2: Potential drug interactions with other drug groups1,3.Drug Name: Lithium carbonate capsules Rx. Interactions: See Contraindications.