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Can You Get Rid of Depakote Weight Gain. meaning that not everyone who takes Depakote will gain weight. If you are unable to prevent weight gain.Trying an equivalent dosage of Depakote ER interests me,. all to avoid turning to lithium.

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Depakote Experenced Significant Weight Gain. answers on this i.Heller, I have read a few of your responses about Depakote online.

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Compare Imitrex vs. Depakote. so avoid activities that need you to be fully alert.Unfortunately, not likely. Read more. may help to prevent weight gain,. (Depakote) as a booster.Abilify and depakote. but the weight gain has been awful, depakote was decreased to 750 but weight is still going on despite being with slimming world since oct.Depakote And Weight Gain. I have been on depakote for three months and my seizures have improved but, I have gained 15 pounds.Prescription Meds Can Put on Unwanted Pounds. Lithium, valproic acid (Depakote) and carbamazepine.

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Please help. cure or prevent any disease without the supervision.

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The European Federation of Associations of Families of Mentally Ill.I know this topic is SEVERELY overused.but i am gaining an average of 4 lbs per month.

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Nausea and vomiting are the most commonly reported side effects, also increased appetite and resulting weight gain, hair thinning or.Topic: Teen Zone. So I heard Topamax makes you lose weight instead of gain like on depakote.

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If you are noticing unexplained weight gain while taking Depakote ER, there are some things that you can do.Topics Pharmacology Central Nervous System Agent Anticonvulsant Is it safe to take Depakote for bipolar disorder?. and weight gain. avoid when taking Depakote?.

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It is also approved to help prevent migraine headaches. Depakote,.This eMedTV resource discusses Depakote and weight gain in more detail and provides tips for.This part of the eMedTV library offers more information on Depakote ER and insomnia,.See side effects, interactions, adverse reactions, images, and general usage outlines.

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All women of childbearing age taking this medication should be taking extra folic acid to help prevent one. those patients who gain weight on this. depakote for.Depakote And Weight Gain. Is there a diet or foods not to eat while on depakote.

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Depakote and weight gain. The mechanism by which depakote may cause weight gain is an area of active.Find patient medical information for Depakote oral on WebMD including its uses,.

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A 2007 study of epilepsy patients found that 44% of women and 24% of men gained 11.

Certainly, avoiding triggers and maintining the best health possible is a good start,.Depakote may. kote should follow a sensible diet and exercise routinely to control their weight.

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Even the smallest amount of depakote will cause weight gain. as soon as she went off depakote she dropped the weight.

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I gained weight like beast while on Depakote and diet and exercise management was the. swelling, rapid weight gain,.

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